Destinux, the digital solution for the comprehensive management of business travel #YouDeserveIt

It digitalises business travel in a comprehensive, efficient and humane way, eliminates management fees and saves costs at a rate of 4 euros for every 1 euro invested.


Companies that implement Destinux get...

40% savings with the implementation and enforcement of a purchasing policy.
Automate approval and authorisation processes, saving 70% of the time spent on approval and authorisation processes.
Eliminate management fees, achieving savings of up to 20% in the first year.

The SaaS that every corporation deserves

Whether you are a freelancer, SME, multinational or any other type of company, Destinux adapts to make your trips more efficient and profitable.


Move to the SaaS model:

EIt is the first SaaS (Software as a service) for the integrated management of corporate travel, which eliminates management fees and integrates with multiple ERPs.


Your one-stop service:

It offers in a single provider the necessary technology for the efficient management of business trips and the Personal Travel Assistant service.


To be more efficient:

Digitise and automate all the necessary processes in corporate travel management.


Without losing the human touch:

It has the Personal Travel Assistant service, which immediately assigns you a professional with a name and surname to look after the company and its travellers.


From a strategic vision:

It offers strategic management of corporate travel and aligns travel with the company’s objectives in order to achieve ROI


And more sustainable:

Promotes environmentally responsible practices with digitalisation as a starting point.

Our modules

Destinux is made up of 6 scalable modules that provide the company with everything it needs to manage and adapt to any type of organisation. Don’t wait any longer, try our self-booking module for free and start operating with Destinux technology!
Booking module

The entire travel industry, at your company's fingertips: More than 3 million hotels, 27 car rental companies, 650 airlines, RENFE, transfer services in more than 160 countries, taxis and VTC in more than 90 countries. And you can start using it for free!

Management, administration and financial module

Allows uploading of purchasing policies and business rules, automates and digitises travel administrative/financial processes, ensuring compliance with purchasing policies and eliminating manual operations.

Analytics and data module

Enables the company to own and access all travel data generated, for budgeting, purchasing policy changes/adjustments, business rules and more.

Expenses and per diems module

Allows the company user to pass all travel expenses and allowances digitally and online, saving time and costs to the company (tool certified by the Spanish Ministry of Finance).

Technology module

Integrates travel management processes with the company's internal systems (ERP), eliminating islands of information in the company and speeding up decision-making in daily management.

Personal Travel Assistant

Destinux immediately assigns you a professional with a name and surname, who assists the company throughout the entire contracting process, during and after the trip, ensuring the safety of travellers.

¿Do you want to try the self-reservation Module for free?

Sign up now and enjoy one of our Destinux modules. Don’t miss this opportunity!  Discover Destinux Self-Booking by following these steps:
The first thing to register is to indicate whether you are signing up as a self-employed person or as a company. The data here are the usual, name, surname, email, address, cif, password… and not much else.
  • If you select self-employed, you register your customer data and your invoicing data.
  • If you select company. You register company data and user data (your data). 
You will receive a confirmation email in which you need to click on the link to confirm your registration.
  • By clicking on the link you will be directed to Destinux, and you will be shown a page that tells you the steps we are going to show you next and what you have to do. 
  • Enter your username and password.
On the next screen, you will be asked for the corporate payment card – for the whole company (credit/debit card details). Nothing will be charged at the moment, you just need the data to complete the information, you can change it later.
The next screen tells you to sign up the users you want (you must fill in name, surname, phone number, email and which functions you want to enable).
  • If he/she can book for him/herself
  • If he/she can book for him/herself and for all the users of the company
  • If he/she has access to delivery notes and invoices
On the next screen you will enter Destinux. Self-booking module only.
If you have any doubt about the registration process, you can contact an agent on 961 961 905 and ask for technical assistance.

The solution that companies and travellers deserve. #YouDeserveIt


The enterprise 

The enterprise deserves a system that digitises and automates financial administrative processes, such as assigning an expense to a cost centre automatically, with the savings that this entails.


The traveller 

The traveller deserves to communicate with a person who knows him/her in order to solve any unforeseen event that may arise during the trip, with the security and peace of mind that he/she needs.

Destinux, By Consultia

Destinux©, the first SaaS that digitalizes and automatizes business travel and expense processes that can be integrated with multiple ERPs. Consultia Business Travel’s specialisation and know-how in business travel led the company to develop its own technology to meet the growing demands of the business travel sector and the specific needs of companies.

Customers already operating with Destinux

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